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Науково-методична робота - Змішане навчання

Підготувала  Денисенко  Віта  Іванівна


Theme: My Own Cybercafe.Вдосконалення навичок ММ.


to train students in monological and dialogical speech;
to systematize the  knowledge of vocabulary;

to educate love for the beautiful in life and art;
to raise the level of general linguistic culture of expression in a foreign language;
to train memory and creatively;to  teach students to perform the tasks;
to develop cognitive abilities of students;
to improve expressive reading skills in English;
to build communication skills of students.

Equipment: textbook, presentation, cards, computer, projector.

Хід уроку.


T: Good afternoon, pupils!

I’m glad to see you. But who is on duty today? Who is absent at our lesson?


P1: I am on duty today. Today is Thursday. … and … are absent today.

T:    And what about you? How do you do?  How do you feel today? Take the papers with smilics, choose your feeling and show me, please!


/ Учні вибирають смайлік, який відповідає їхньому стану на уроці і показують його викладачу./


T: Oh, I see most of you feel well today.  I’m happy because you are healthy, happy  today!


II. Now it’s time for the “Warming-up”(Мовленнєва зарядка. Перевірка домашнього завдання):

T:Before checking your hometask let`s make a computer. You have some words on the list, choose the parts of a computer among them:


T.; At home you wrote about the impact of the Internet on our lives. Let`s read and discuss your essays.

III.Main Part.

Listening (Exam Excellence.recording 25)

T: You are going to hear part of a radio programme about the lives of famous inventors. First try to answer the questions about yourself. Work in pairs.

1. Do you come from a small family or a big family? How manybrothers and sisters have you got?

2. Have you received any awards or won any competitions?

3 .Are you interested in science?

4. What do your parents think about your work at school?

5. Which subject do you spend most time studying?

6. Wht are you planning to do after leaving school?

7. Would you like to become a teacher? Why? Why not?

T: Listen to the radio programme and match each question (1-8) to the person (A-C) that it refers to:

  1. Alexander Graham Bell
  2. Maria Mitchell
  3. Jan Szczepanik


  1. Who came from a big family?___
  2. Who received a medal from a king?___
  3. Whose scientific interests were not grounded in  family traditions?___
  4. Whose achievements were appreciated outside his|her country?___
  5. Whose research was consentrated on one field of science?___
  6. Who had planned a different career?___
  7. Who worked as a teacher?___
  8. Whose birthplace is open to the public?___


T: well, now read this paragraph. Somebody is talking about using computers. Complete the text by choosing one word for each gap. One of the words is used twice.

totally  such   means   with   more   themselves   actually


For me computers are a___ to an end, nothing___. I don`t find them interesting in ___. They enable me to do things that I need to do, ___ as sending emails or checking information on websites to help me ___ my homework or connected to one of my hobbies. But ___  my sister  the situation is ___ different. It`s like you can`t believe we`re ___ related. She is obsessed with computers. I don`t understand, but that`s the truth.

T: Open your textbooks on page 84. Work in pairs. Read the advertisement and we`ll discuss the service of the café.

Where is it situated?

What is there on the menu?

What did you like in the ad most of all?

Is there anything you disliked?

Would you like to visit that café?

What would you like to change in the café?

T: OK, now we`ll do ex.8 p.85. Read the ads about sites for youth. Choose the site you like most of all. Explain why.

III. Evaluation. Hometask.

You worked well. Your hometask is to design your own cyber café.


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